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About my business and the knowledge I can offer

Colonic hydrotherapy in Sheffield South Yorkshire S35

My name is Erica Hartley and I own A New U, which is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. The clinic was established in 2012.

I decided to do my colonic training with Rictat Colonic association after having a few treatments myself for a number of years. I have always been fascinated at how good gut health helps with all aspects of overall health and wellbeing.

Rictat Colonic Associated have always been there for me as support and I have been registered and regulated by them from day one. I feel it is important to have the training, support and regulation by a reputable company.

I thoroughly enjoyed my training with Kelly Hopley – Rictat Chairperson and I remember thinking then, that it must be so satisfying to be able to train and share the fantastic knowledge and world of colonics!

I began building my business and when I had been established for a year, I decided to do my advanced training. There is always so much to learn and whilst carrying out regular CPD (continued personal development) courses I have found these to be very beneficial in my colonic journey.

I have worked really hard to make A New U the reputable and successful company that it is today. I have so many wonderful clients and I have been on some incredible journeys with them to really help get fantastic results.

Being a Colon Hydrotherapist still surprises me now, over 12 years later!

I was approached by channel 4 in 2022 to ask if I would like to take part in a TV show. Myself and other Rictat therapists attended the filming of the show called The Big Celebrity Detox which aired on E4 in May 2023, where we carried out coffee enemas on the celebrities. This was a great experience to really get the word out there of how amazing our Colonic Hydrotherapy profession is.

My clinic; A New U in Sheffield has won The Yorkshire Prestige Award for 2023/24 for Hydrotherapy Clinic of the Year.
Since Covid, I have noticed a positive shift; where more people are taking responsibility for their own health; they are looking more to holistic treatments themselves, which I feel is a real positive for our profession as a whole.
I am really passionate about Colonic Hydrotherapy, which is also known as Colonic Irrigation. Being a Rictat board member and mentor is very rewarding for us all together as a family in helping with ongoing mentorship and support. We are all constantly learning and growing to be the best that we can for our clients.

Being a trainer for Rictat, I love sharing my knowledge to help others become part of this growing holistic, gut benefitting profession. I see first-hand just what can be achieved when working with a client to really promote good health and wellbeing.
I am a very down to earth person and keen to pass on my knowledge to help others to become fully trained in our wonderful world of colonics!

As a qualified RICTAT trainer I can teach the RICTAT core curriculum and teach colon hydrotherapy to others as well as CPD courses designed by RICTAT such as gut analysis or food intolerance testing.
The training process 
Students may contact RICTAT or contact me personally for training.
The colon hydrotherapy training is eight days in total – 2 days online and 6 days in person. 
The total cost will be £2158, and will include the following. 
The two online theory days are provided by 
The colon hydrotherapy academy, these days are hosted every month for flexibility and are paid separately.
All accreditation admin is completed by RICTAT, and this fee is also paid separately. 
Each student needs to complete at least 10 case studies and will complete the RICTAT theory exam online. The case studies will be completed in clinic. 
I will supply speculums, couch roll and equipment to carry out the whole process.